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Pre-K at St. Bridget School

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Building Confidence, Developing Faith, Having a Blast!

At SBS, Our Pre-K Programs Give your Child the Right Start to Their Education.

We believe that Pre-K is a critical time in which young children first venture outside of the home and begin to build self-confidence, individuality, and the skills necessary for a successful educational career. Our Pre-K programs focus on this first, key transition from the home environment into the school setting and produce self-assured students who are prepared to enter the K-12 school years.

The primary focuses of our Pre-K programs are the development and refinement of critical motor skills, development of self-concept, intellectual growth, and early faith formation.

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Faith in Our Pre-K Curriculum

At SBS, students begin their faith development by learning about basic concepts such as God's love for and creation of the universe, Jesus and his sacrifice, as well as the Church and its major liturgical feasts such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. We emphasize service and loving others as Jesus did, teaching children to become helpful and respectful community members. Students will also learn basic prayers, like the Our Father and Hail Mary and participate in a whole school weekly mass.


We offer both full and half day options for Pre-K as well as your choice of a
3 day/week or 5 day/week schedule.

Please note that in our experience, it is most beneficial for both your child and our teachers when students are present 5 full days each week.

*Extended Day Programs are also available in both the AM and PM to help accommodate parent/guardian schedules*

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Check Out What The


Is Saying About Our Pre-K Programs!

At St. Bridget School in Cheshire, youngsters are learning to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to pray to him through the age-old devotion of Eucharistic adoration. ... Many children have never had this experience before ...  [And] So far, the youngsters seem to enjoy adoration. ... While many preschoolers aren’t yet able to articulate early religious experiences through words, [St. Bridget School] is convinced they are feeling the power of Christ.


- Shelley Wolf, "Growing In A Personal Relationship With Christ", Catholic Transcript January/February 2023 Issue

Catholic Transcript Adoration PK.png

- Picture by Aaron Joseph, Catholic Transcript January/February 2023 Issue

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