Mrs. Maier

Sixth Grade

Welcome to Our Class!

Welcome to St. Bridget’s Middle Grade 6.

In 2020, 6th graders will continue to work toward our theme for the year: living with intention. We reflect on our intentions every day as we keep kindness and respect at the center of all we do and say.

Quotes from students:


“Thank you for this great opportunity to do Lit groups. It is a lot of fun! I hope to go on these emotional rollercoasters reading all different types of  books.”

“I love Lit and LA because I get the freedom to write anything from poems to stories.”

“I like writing and sharing the stories that we find inspiration from in pictures.”

"I love St. Bridget School so much!  Here at SBS, I learn something new every day. Everyone is so kind and caring. The teachers help encourage us and make school so much fun. I love walking into school in the morning looking forward to something new each day, and every day. Those are a few reasons I love St. Bridget School." 


“I love ELA class at St. Bridget School. I especially enjoy reading our Scope Magazine. Personally, I like that it includes different types of writing - short stories, plays, nonfiction pieces, etc. The writing prompts in the them alway challenge me in some way and they make me a better writer.”

“I like Literature and Language Arts because it is a way to express how I feel in a new and different way. I also enjoyed writing together with my classmates for our Greek Day Celebration.”

“I like Lit and LA because we do cool, interesting things like Greek Day, Lit circles, or drawing a character on a big pice of paper.”

“Literature opens up new worlds for me to travel through without leaving my seat."

“ What I like about literature and language arts is, I get to express myself. What this means is I can write my thoughts and feelings. Also, I get to read which calms me down.”

“ I love literary circles. I think it’s such a fun way to read and learn. I don’t really like to read, but literary circles make it so fun to read.”

“ I like the language arts because I can write. When I write, I can take a break from reality and it’s troubles. I create a world that I can only live in my imagination. All my troubles disappear as I transfer myself into a story that I am writing. A story full of happiness and love. Or, I can write a poem. This way I can put all my emotions in a piece of writing.”