Mrs. Ushchak

Fourth Grade

Welcome to Our Classroom!

I have been teaching elementary school since 1991. I have always been a teacher in Catholic Schools. I love Catholic Schools. I went to Catholic School my entire life; even my college was a Catholic College.

I came to St. Bridget School in 1996 and have taught second, sixth, seventh, eighth, and now fourth grade here. Before I came to St. Bridget, I worked for five years teaching third grade at St. Sebastian School in Middletown. I have been with St. Bridget School through most of its growth. I opened the second, second grade, when we were only a Pre-K through grade three school! Boy was the school small back then. We have added on to the building twice and have accepted so many wonderful and bright students along the way. It has been an exciting career here at SBS.

I have a husband and two children at home. I also have a Beagle/Lab/Mountain Cur mix breed dog that  I adopted from Arkansas, named Charlotte, who is about 6 years old, and a Terrier, mixed breed, dog named Luna. She  just turned 4 years old this summer..  I love my doggies!  I love to garden and spend my summers at home with my family. I have a large vegetable garden and flower gardens too. Some of my other favorite things to do are to go to the beach, and I love to go to Yankees' games. The Yankees are my favorite baseball team in the entire world! I love to take long walks and work in my yard.

Fourth Grade at St. Bridget School is an exciting place. We study religion, math, science, social studies, reading, language arts, and Spanish, and have enrichment classes in Art, Physical Education, and Music. We also practice and write in cursive in grade four. We share an IPad cart between both fourth grades and everyone has access to Chromebook computers. Our expectations are high and our students meet and exceed our fourth grade expectations. I am so happy and proud to be a part of such a wonderful Catholic school community.

A Few of my Favorite Things

Pet: dog

School Subjects: Reading and English

Colors: Black and White

Foods: Lobster and Pizza

Animal: Gorilla

Drinks: Vanilla Chai or Hot Chocolate

Farm Animal: Cow

Movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Fourth Grade Quotes:

“St. Bridget School means a lot to me because of the religious education. I really like that St. Bridget provides Adoration and Reconciliation. I like this because I get to spend time with God. I like the sports they provide like soccer, basketball, and baseball. I also like the way teachers teach at St. Bridget School. I think the way they teach math is very effective. These are the reasons why I like St. Bridget School.”

“SBS is really safe. The school takes our safety really seriously.”


“SBS is very special because we go to Mass every Friday to see God.”

“SBS is great because I have met so many new friends here. Everyone I have met is nice and kind. SBS is awesome!”


“SBS is exciting because we have so many different clubs.”


“SBS is super fun and it has awesome teachers.”