Mrs. Timko
Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!

Are you ready for an exciting year of learning and fun? 2nd grade will be a time of discovery where we will explore all the special gifts that God has given us. The year will be busy with lots of learning, investigating, and sharing. We will grow together as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, historians and grow in spirit as we share in our faith.

Hello, my name is Mrs. Timko, I am one of the second grade teachers at St. Bridget School. I recently joined the St. Bridget community in February of 2021 and I am extremely excited for this school year to begin (my first full year at St. Bridget!) I cannot wait to meet all of you so that we can begin an exciting year of fun, where we will grow and learn together.

Class Quotes:


When asked what they liked most about second grade and what they are excited to learn about, the majority of the class said math! We love practicing our facts and learning more strategies to solve problems! 

 "My favorite part about second grade is learning math.  I like learning to regroup." 

 "I like that we can do experiments.  The candy corn one was really fun!"

 "I like to read.  I like that we have all the Junie B. Jones books in our class library."


“I like learning cursive.”

“I love Saint Bridget School because everyone is king, loving, and a great friend. The teachers at St. Bridget make learning fun! I love that we learn faith every day and we get to go to Mass on Fridays. We learn something new every day. Especially when we learn new ways to add and subtract. St. Bridget School is a welcoming place to be!”

“I’m excited to keep reading and read all the different stories.”

“I like learning how to write the letters in cursive.”

“In math I want to learn how to tell time!”

“Our science experiments are so cool.”

“Spelling tic-tac-toe helps me with my spelling words.”

“Having fun with Ms. Merriam.”