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Kindergarten - Third

Academic success in the later years depends on having a good foundation in reading, writing, speaking, and math. These subjects are the core of the primary curriculum. Cross-curriculum teaching and integration of subjects unifies the primary grade learning for the whole child and recognizes each child as a unique gift from God with their own gifts and talents. Religion is taught as a core subject and integrated into all aspects of curriculum.

All grades use technology as a major tool for engaging students in the material being taught and for learning to work independently. Students are taught to use word processing and presentation programs in conjunction with concept mapping to write about and illustrate what they have learned. Students also work on computer programs and apps to learn, research, and to interact with one another in a highly engaged arena. All classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards and the classrooms share iPads. Students also work in the computer lab throughout the week.


From kindergarten through grade 3, students progress through a sequential reading program, Reading Street by Scott Foresman, which includes all areas of language arts:  phonics, reading, grammar, and writing conventions. Students read from different leveled readers in whole group, small group, and one-on-one with a peer or teacher.


Writing projects coincide with the reading program and integrates all other day-to-day subjects.


The math program, Math in Focus: Singapore Math by Marshall Cavendish is also a sequential program starting in kindergarten. Through leveled grouping, the use of manipulatives, and hands-on activities students develop the essential math skills and concepts needed for daily life and problem solving. Students also use the websites and and mad minutes to gain fluency in basic math operations.


Science provides a basic “hands-on” approach covering the areas of life, earth, and physical science. Skills are developed for exploration, problem solving and use of the scientific method.

Social Studies

Social studies includes geography, world cultures, government, and community.

Physical Education

All students attend physical education classes once a week and have daily time for free play at recess.

Meet The Teachers


Mrs. Michelle Geoffrey

First Grade

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Mr. Richard Casey

First Grade

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Ms. Caitlin Keough

Third Grade

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Mrs. Kristen Galipault

Third Grade

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