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This Week at SBS: Thank you!

Apex Fun Facts

In October, we completed our two week Apex Leadership Challenge Fundraiser. As so many parishioners contributed to this fundraiser, we’d like to share some fun facts:

  • Our students ran a total of 10,908 laps or 682 miles over the two days!

  • Forty-three of our students reached the $10 per lap mark, providing up to 20 Meals per day per person for Feeding America.

  • Pledges were received from 34 states and 81% of our students participated.

  • 30% of the donations came from our parents and 70% from other family members and friends.

Once again, thank you for being a part of our SBS challenge!

Supporting St. Bridget School

As many of you know, fundraising for Catholic schools is extremely important in order to help provide the materials and tools needed for our students to succeed. Currently, we have fundraisers that can also help you during this busy season:

Balsam Wreaths—sale extended until November 30th! To place your orders, please contact the school at 203.272.5860 or email our Home and School Association President, Mrs. Amy Franco, at

Charleston Wrapping Paper Sale through December 1st. Products include wrapping paper and home gift items. Go to to shop online. Items are shipped directly to your home!

These ongoing fundraisers are available throughout the year:

Boon Supply, formerly Mixed Bag Designs, now offers a huge variety of products! 40% of each sale goes to our school while orders are delivered directly to your home!

St. Bridget School is now registered for Amazon Smile. Whenever you purchase from Amazon, please be sure to use this link: Purchases are exactly the same as regular Amazon, but this will credit St. Bridget a percentage each time you buy!

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