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This Week at SBS: Christmas Cheer

Mr. Casey’s first grade class is making Christmas cards for someone who is 99 year old. She is a WWII veteran and a very special person! We hope these will brighten her Christmas.

Remembering To Care for Those in Need

During this Advent Season, our students and faculty continue to work on multiple service projects for our community. Whether it’s making Christmas cards, collecting for our Mitten Tree and the Cheshire Food Pantry, all of our classes continue to learn how important it is to reach out to those in need.

To learn more about how you can help us give back, please contact Christina Cummings at 203.272.5860 or by email at

What’s happening in Mrs. McKenzie’s 5th Grade?

Mrs. McKenzie’s class recently made fossil rubbings to culminate their study of fossils. Students created and researched when and where the organisms lived. They also created drawings in the style of Norman Rockwell that express the main idea. Mrs. McKenzie gave each child a secret theme to illustrate, and challenged classmates to guess what their drawing expressed. In addition, they read about Leonardo da Vinci, and students did a backwards writing activity to imitate the way that da Vinci wrote. Great job!

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