Mrs. Normand

Pre-K 4

Welcome to Our Classroom

Hello, my name is Mrs. Noel Normand and I am the Pre-Kindergarten 4 teacher.  I have been in the early childhood field for over 26 years. I have a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Child Studies.  This is my 7th year teaching in the Archdioceses of Hartford with 2 years here at St. Bridget School.

     The classroom is set up into centers like dramatic play, blocks, table toys, library, writing, sensory, computers and math/science.  Your child will learn in a fun way! She or he learns best through hands on experiences. Children will learn to develop and refine gross and fine motor, cognitive, social/emotional, self-help, creative skills, and religious experiences. They will learn fine motor skills through cutting, lacing, grasping and holding a crayon, pencil as well as writing letters in their name.  They will learn Science using their senses, discovering through nature, something we do in the fall; such as pick and feel leaves, look at them with magnifying glasses, winter; examine snow (freeze and melt), spring plant flowers( gardening), even mixing paint and making homemade play dough.


Children develop cognitive skills playing games such as a number memory games, songs with numbers in it, sorting, counting by rote, patterning, categorizing, classifying with items, graphing, measuring height, and problem solving.  They will learn social skills; learning what it is to be a friend, giving a helping hand, problem solving by using their words and talking to their peers, sharing, and developing relationships. Along with learning their manners, sitting at circle time and listening, we talk about whole body listening. They will learn self- help skills getting own lunch bag, carrying food, putting on jackets, shoes, and clothing.  Children will be introduced to raising their hand before speaking and waiting their turn. They will have the opportunity to be creative by letting the children come up with their own ideas.  This will boost their confidence allows them to be proud of their accomplishments. 


As parents, you play a large role in your child’s education.  I would like to make your child’s school year a special experience. ​ We look forward to a great year.

Quotes from Pre-K 4

“I love my seatwork, learning about letters, and Jesus.”


“I love my teachers because they help me learn.”  

“Because I really like to go here.” 

“I like to play with the doll house.”