Ms. Keough

Third Grade


Hello!  My name is

Caitlin Keough.  This is currently my 7th year teaching.  I teach third grade here at Saint Bridget School.  Prior to working at Saint Bridget School I taught a variety of grade levels including 5th/6th and 4th grades.  I love teaching at a Catholic School, and my favorite subject to teach is faith.  I also teach math, science, reading, and language arts.


I love teaching, but I also love learning.  I am currently working on my master’s degree in curriculum instruction.  It is wonderful to be able to learn new ideas and strategies to benefit students.

Third grade is a wonderful and busy year!  We take part in many projects throughout the year ranging from subjects like reading, math, social studies, and science.  We have completed a mystery book report, a Christmas book report, and a Christmas Around the World research project. Most recently students have started our third-grade science fair project.  They are also creating a multiplication game to share with their peers to help learn their multiplication facts. There are so many wonderful things happening! 

In reading, we are learning different reading comprehension skills such as sequence, comparing and contrasting, author’s purpose, generalizations, drawing conclusions, and more.  In math, students have been learning place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be learning time, money, geometry, and more. 

Students in third grade are also preparing to receive their First Reconciliation in February and their First Holy Communion in May.  Students learn all about these sacraments and the meaning of each in order to develop a deeper understanding of them. 

         Third grade is a wonderful year full of memorable and fun learning opportunities!    

Quotes From Class

“I like that we did a physical properties’ experiment in science.”

“I love the Christmas and Halloween events.”

“I am excited for Reconciliation.”

 “I like that we learned multiplication!”


“I like the game of koosh!”


 “Yay, I love art!”


 “I’m looking forward to writing our masterpieces in writing workshop.”

“Here are a few reasons why I love Saint Bridget School. I love this school because we do fun things like Art, Gym, Library, and Music. I also like this school because almost evert day we learn something new. I love Saint Bridget School.”

“I like St. Bridget School because we are kind and caring. Another thing I like about St. Bridget is that we learn a lot from our teachers. The last think I like about St. Bridget is that we go to church on Fridays. This is why I like St. Bridget School.”

“I am looking forward to play day because it is so much fun.  The teachers and all the students get to have fun and the food is always delicious.  We always burn off a lot of calories.”


“I am looking forward to IOWAS.”


“I am looking forward to writing in all cursive.”


“I am excited for the biography book report because people have to guess who we are dressed as.”