Intermediate Grades

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Fourth - Fifth

The intermediate grades build on the foundation begun in the primary grades.  The religion curriculum for fourth grade emphasizes the 10 Commandments, while fifth graders study the seven sacraments.  Both grades work on parts of the Mass, The Beatitudes, Works of Mercy, and Family Life.

Technology plays a big part in all areas. All students use iPads and laptops to enhance the curriculum being taught. The use of the Internet offers students ways to make the curriculum come alive.  Interactive whiteboards are used for lessons throughout the curriculum.


In reading, students gain an appreciation and understanding of various literary genres including fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, and several types of poetry.  Grammar skills are strengthened through application across the curriculum.


The science curriculum covers three major areas of scientific study. In Life Science, students learn about plant and animal cells and reproduction, and they are introduced to the classification of living organisms.  Physical Science covers the states of matter, energy, sound and light.  Earth Science covers processes that change the earth, including the water and rock cycles, weather, oceans, as well as planets and the solar system.  Field trips for this grade level are related to the science and social studies curricula.


The language arts program focuses on the four domains of writing: Sensory/Descriptive, Imaginative/Narrative, Analytical/Expository/Persuasive and Practical/Informative.  The elements of a research paper are introduced.

Social Studies

Social studies classes teach students about the history of the United States, including Native Americans, the birth of our nation and the regions of our country.  Fourth grade students study the state of Connecticut.  In geography, students learn how to interpret maps and charts.  Civics and economics are part of social studies and integrate Catholic Social Teaching.


In math, students build upon basic concepts and skills, and are introduced to algebra and geometry. Students work with decimals and fractions, and learn to solve multi-step equations and word problems.

Physical Education

All students attend physical education classes once a week and have daily time for free play at recess.

Meet The Teachers


Mrs. Kristy Gagliardi

Fourth Grade

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Mrs. Lynn Ushchak

Fourth Grade

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Mrs. Celeste McKenzie

Fifth Grade

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Mrs. Traci Rhodes

Fifth Grade

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