Ms. Guerrera

Pre-K 3


My name is Ms. Guerrera and I teach Prek3. This is my first year teaching at St Bridget School and I love it! I attend Mass at Saint Bridget Church every Sunday, and this is a fabulous school to work in. I have been teaching for 3 years. I taught second grade in New Haven before starting here at St Bridget. My children are most excited to learn more about Mass and the prayers they will be learning this year. They are also excited to play outside and eager to learn more about their numbers, shapes and colors in the classroom. They are very excited about writing their first names as well!

Socially, in Prek3 children are expected to engage in social centers with their peers indoors and outside of the classroom. Children will also be expected to complete peer age activities (such as coloring, drawing, playing, sharing, and taking turns, as well as be able to engage and communicate feelings and what they need. In Prek3, independence is important. Children will able to zip and unzip coats, to be able to open lunch containers, and take responsibility for their own things. Academically, children will be able to write their names by the end of the year, learn their shapes, colors, and be able to recognize and count from numbers 1-10.

The students will also attend to a story on the carpet as well as be able to identify at least one character from a book. Stories are related to themes each week in Prek3. They will also sing songs, dance, and understand how there are different days of the week, and months of the year. They should be able to cooperatively play with their peers as well as use their manners. They will learn The Our Father, Hail Mary, and Grace during their Prek3 year.

Quotes from Pre-K

“I like PreK 3 at SBS because I like to play at school. I like to watch the SmartBoard and I like to play in the gym with Miss D. I like to color in my classroom.”