Mrs. Szymczyk

Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!

Welcome to Second Grade! I hope you are ready to explore different book genres, double digit addition and subtraction, being mindful about how we talk to God and much more!!

Math begins with learning to add and subtract two digit numbers which gradually moves into learning how to regroup. The students’ progress into learning how to multiply and divide. We end the year learning how to count money!

Science and Social Studies are heavily rooted in Language Arts. Personally, I am the Social Studies teacher and the other second grade teacher, Ms. Merriam teaches Science. Second grade students learn everything from solids, liquids and gases to US historical figures!

Faith is incorporated into mostly all of our lessons. We are constantly connecting things back to God and meditating in our faith lessons to regain focus. The second grade students learn about forgiveness, compassion and bringing God into our daily lives. We also begin to introduce Reconciliation and attend Mass and Adoration on Fridays!

As you can see, second grade is a great year at St. Bridget School!


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Second Grade Quotes

“I want to learn lots of multiplication because I’m good at math!”


“It’s nice to go to Mass each week. It’s peaceful and it sounds pretty when we sing!”

“What I really like about going to St. Bridget School is that we get to learn something new every day. I love all the fun activities we do. I love all the teachers that I had. It is very fun at St. Bridget School.”

“What I really like about St. Bridget School is that we have nice teachers. I also like that our school is Catholic and we learn about God, Mary, and Jesus. I also like that we do fun things while doing work. It’s great that we have all these specials every week: Art, Music, Gym, Library, Spanish, and Science. I really like St. Bridget School – it’s perfect for me!”


“I pray when I talk to God. I feel peaceful.”