Mrs. Geoffrey

First Grade

Mrs. Geoffrey's First Grade Class

My name is Michelle Geoffrey and I am one of the first grade teachers at Saint Bridget School. I am also the Head Teacher for the school. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Early Education and Special Education from Springfield College. I also earned my Master’s degree in Elementary Reading from University of Saint Joseph. Recently, I completed a Catholic School Leadership program through Merrimack College.

For the last fifteen years, I have dedicated myself to Catholic education at Saint Bridget School. First grade is one of my favorite grades for so many reasons and I know that you will love this grade as well for all of its magic!

Language Arts in first grade entails phonics, spelling, grammar, reading, and writing. Students learn all of their short vowel sounds and long vowel sounds. They also learn endings, blends, contractions, and compound words. In reading, the students go from learning to read to reading to learn! In writing, the students begin learning how to write complete sentences to writing paragraphs, prayers, and stories.

Math begins with learning how to add and subtract simple numbers. The students end the school year knowing how to add and subtract with regrouping, as well as learning how to multiply! The students also learn shapes, patterns, skip-counting, and different ways to measure.

Science and Social Studies go hand in hand with our Language Arts series. The students learn about matter, shadows, magnets, and simple machines. First grade students will also learn about important people in our US history, Native Americans, geography, and communities.

In Faith, the first graders learn about God. They learn that God is always there for them and that they can pray whenever they need to and wherever they are. We attend Mass and Adoration once a week. Faith is all day and in all subjects.

As you can see, first grade is an amazing year at St. Bridget School! ​ 

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First Grade Quotes:


“I love God. He is always there for us!”

“Mrs. Geoffrey, I liked going to Adoration today. It made me feel happy.”

“I love St. Bridget School because it helps me learn a lot. I learn how to make higher numbers, to make ten and ones, and how to read harder books. I learn about being Catholic. We learn to be kind and caring.  We learn to never give up, encourage others, and to always do our best.”

“I love that we practice our math with Mad Minutes!”

“I love that we have Mrs. Geoffrey!”

“I love learning about courage with Mrs. Rameriez!”

“I love these bouncy chairs when I am doing independent work!”