Mrs. Galipault

Third Grade


Welcome to Third Grade! My name is Mrs. Galipault. I have taught for the last eleven years in elementary and middle school classrooms. Third grade is by far my favorite grade to teach! This will be my sixth year teaching at St. Bridget School. I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful and supportive community. When I’m not at SBS, some of my favorite things include reading, drawing, painting, crafting, going on trips with my husband and spending time with my dogs Dexter and Gracie. I also love watching baseball (Go Red Sox!) and going to the movies.

              Third grade is such a wonderful year and the third grade students are very excited to learn! We cover so much in faith while we prepare for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. We also cover many topics in math including multiplying and dividing big numbers, fractions and measurement. The students also look forward to learning and practicing their cursive letters and writing. Throughout the year in third grade, we get to read stories about and learn interesting things from different cultures all around the world. We also learn how to research topics and create simple presentations. There is always something exciting going on in third grade!

Third Grade Quotes


“Do you think I can collaborate with my group on this?”

“I like how all of the saints were real people and went through things like us.”

"I wasn't sure I liked cursive last year, but it's really fun!"

"I like SBS because I have friends here and we do cursive, long division, mad minutes, and reading groups. I also like SBS because we play castle ball in gym and we do Christmas around the world. SBS is great!”

“I like St. Bridget School because I have a fun time learning about saints. I also like doing crafts and learning about cursive. Also, most of all, I like to have my friends to talk to at lunch and recess. I love Saint Bridget School!"

"I can't wait to finish learning all of our cursive letters!" 

"Fractions make so much sense now." 

"I am really excited for First Communion and May Crowning!"

"I can't wait for Play Day!"