Sr. Francesca

Seventh Grade

Welcome to the Seventh Grade!

My name is Sister Francesca Silver, and I teach middle school Spanish and Grade 7 Religion. I have been at St. Bridget School since 2015. I am a member of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, an order of religious Sisters based in Meriden.

All middle school students take Spanish at St. Bridget, so that they can gain the ability to communicate with more people in our region and in the world. This year, St. Bridget students in grades 6-8 will work on speaking, listening, reading, and writing so they can become confident speakers of Spanish. 6th Grade Spanish focuses on vocabulary building, understanding basic sentence structure, and beginning conversation using verb infinitives and adjectives. In 7th grade, students describe actions by conjugating regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, with special attention to describing locations, discussing foods, and talking about healthy habits. By grade 8, students are prepared for more complicated verb usage such as the command form as well as present progressive and preterit tenses, and they also use more real-world resources such as podcasts and magazine articles.

In 7th grade Religion, students learn and grow closer to God through experiences with Scripture, prayer, and sacraments. Daily journaling and small-group discussions help them to apply concepts to their everyday lives. 


Quotes from the class:

“I love St. Bridget School because the teachers are so kind and helpful. They are always willing to help you understand the lessons. I also love it because of the faith lessons. I love learning more each year about our Catholic faith.” 

“I have been looking forward to the Geography Fair since I was in second grade!” 

“I thought that building a landmark was fun last year. This year I can’t wait to showcase a country at the Geography Fair in May.”

“I love learning about health and building the 3D heart. It is amazing!”

“I really liked portraying the Living Stations in the church last week. I think it made me realize how much Jesus endured for us.”