Mrs. Fitzpatrick

Eighth Grade


I am so glad to welcome you to St. Bridget School, especially to grade 8.  My name is Mrs. Terry Fitzpatrick and St. Bridget has been my home away from home for the past 14 years.  I teach Mathematics and Faith and love to share with students my passion for Math and its application in everyday life. 

As an eighth grader, you can look forward to fun activities, interesting projects, rewarding learning experiences, and opportunities to enhance your leadership skills, to name a few.  Eighth grade is always a terrific year!! 

Quotes from the class:


"My time at St. Bridget School went by so fast and I made so many friends.  I am very proud to be a St. Bridget School student.”

“Friendships can be made within seconds of walking in the door.”

“I have been at St. Bridget School for ten years and I have had an amazing time.  Every student receives a valued education that will help and prepare them for high school.  The school expresses the Catholic Faith and implements it in every part of learning.  St. Bridget School is more than a school, it is a place where children strive for excellence and are nurtured socially, emotionally and physically.   Saint Bridget School is a second home to many children.  I love this school so much and do not know what I would do without it!”

“I will always remember the first time my mom said we are going to a Lenten Supper, I wasn’t sure what it was but was excited to try something new.  Ever since then, I always enjoy going to Lenten Suppers and sometimes getting there early to help out.  I treasure this school and will always be part of the St. Bridget community for my life.”

“St. Bridget School is a special place because it allows students to practice their Faith every single day and become closer to God”


“SBS allows you to express your Faith and learn more about what makes you Catholic”


“SBS is such a great place because of the teachers support and the positive influence on all no matter how different you are.”